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*Delivery is INCLUDED in the lower 48 states. For Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada we charge the actual UPS or USPS freight charge, less the freight we would have paid to zone 6. Please allow 10 days for delivery. Minerals of 25 or 50 pounds are shipped in a heavy duty double walled box with a resealable plastic liner Minerals are also available in Reusable Plastic Buckets for an additional charge to cover the UPS bucket surcharge. Note, in an effort to save you money we may ship United States Post Office or UPS, whichever is lowest. If you order 50 pounds sometimes it will cost less to ship two 25 pounds boxs.

NOTICE - Price a portion of the increased cost of materials and shipping from April 2012 has been included.
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Llama-Min 101
Original High Quality Formula with Calcium and Phosphorus in 2:1 ratio, Balanced Vitamins A, D3, E and Zinpro 100
 101 25 lbs. in Box        Qty: Price: $62.50
 101 25 lbs. in Bucket  Qty: Price: $73.00
 101 50 lbs. in Box         Qty: Price: $108.50
 101 50 lbs. in Bucket  Qty: Price: $119.00
Llama-Min 102
Recommended for Llama in the summer. Electrolytes Stress Formula with Electrolytes, Selenium, Zinpro100 and added Vitamins A, D3, E. Recommended for llamas in the summer and high stress situation.
 102 10 lbs. in Box        Qty: Price: $36.50
 102 25 lbs. in Box        Qty: Price: $68.50
 102 25 lbs. in Bucket Qty: Price: $79.00
 102 50 lbs. in Box        Qty: Price: $112.50
 102 50 lbs. in Bucket Qty: Price: $123.00
Lama-Min 104
Recommended for Alpacas year-round and llamas in the winter. High Phosphorus for balanced diet with some alfalfa. Has the highest level of Vitamins A, D3, E, and B-PlexFive and Biotin. Recommended for Alpacas and Llamas looking for quality fiber.
 104 10 lbs. in Box        Qty: Price: $43.50
104 25 lbs. in Box        Qty: Price: $81.50
 104 25 lbs. in Bucket Qty: Price: $92.00
 104 50 lbs. in Box        Qty: Price: $134.50
 104 50 lbs. in Bucket Qty: Price: $145.00
NEW  Zn40 Pure chelated zinc (Zn) supplement (Zinpro 40) to be used as instructed by your veterinarian.  More Information about zinc.

Qty: Price: $25.00

Caring for Llamas and Alpacas A Health and Management Guide. A good reference for the experienced breeder, excellent gift for the new owner !
$28.95 plus S&H $6.00
More Information?

Qty: Price: $34.95

Orders of 200 lbs. or more are eligible for a 10% discount
500 lbs. will receive a 15% discount

Prices include shipping by UPS or USPS for 10 pounds or less *

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