"After just a couple months of using Stillwater minerals for my 2 lactating females I have noticed big improvements in their skin and wool. They both had scaly skin and dry, brittle looking wool even though I routinely wormed and vaccinated and provided another kind of free choice mineral salt. Now their wool is softer and silkier looking and no scaly skin. I will continue to use the Stillwater minerals!"

Julie Lokken, Lokken Llamas, Eagle, Idaho

"I had a female with Zinc deficiency. Llama Mineral 101 brought her around. No more scaly skin and no more vet visits since I started using 101."

Mark Fisher, Colorado

"We give Stillwater Mineral brochures to all purchasers of our llamas and recommend it highly for overall good health. Our llamas really like Llama Mineral 102. We have had few health problems to date and plan to continue using Stillwater Minerals as long as we have llamas."

Bob Griesel, Washington

"Our llamas have grown up on Stillwater Minerals. Our animals are healthy, strong, happy and energetic!"

Dr. Richard Madden, New York

"Stillwater Minerals are very palatable and easy to use whether by free choice or individual feeding."

Kellie Zirkle, Oregon

"Since using your minerals, I would never be out of them even though it is very difficult and very expensive (We have to pay duty plus the exchange for American dollars) for us to obtain them."

Kent Govett, Canada

"I feel that Llama Mineral 102 covers any deficiency we might have in grass hay. I feel very comfortable giving it to them."

Eileen Ausland, California

"I could write a book on our first three years in the llama business with only ten births. We have been using Stillwater Minerals for a year and our herd has gone from marginal to healthy and the crias are coming as scheduled. We credit this to Stillwater Minerals and our grain/hay feed."

Emily Klauss, Texas

"After much searching and frustration I found and tried Stillwater Minerals. My llamas love it and are healthy and happy. Stillwater took my request for copper seriously and came out with Llama Mineral 103. Stillwater Minerals is tops in my book. Great product, reasonable price, great folks to work with!"

Chelle Rogers, Washington

"I tell everyone who purchases llamas from us that they must use Llama Mineral 102 if they want to raise healthy llamas in Texas."

Dottie Rotter, Texas

"Stillwater Minerals are kept up to date according to the nutritional needs specific to llamas. Quality is consistent and shipments are timely."

Dianne Larsen, Idaho

"Since using Stillwater Minerals we have had more consistency in herd health. Our llama crias have been straighter and healthier. We feel that it is the ideal solution for providing llamas with necessary nutrients without the hassel of trying to grain each llama in a larger herd situation. All of our llamas enjoy it."

Bruce and Elizabeth Martin, Washington

"Tennessee summers can be hot and humid. I keep Llama Mineral 102 out continuously and the llamas love it! I recommend Stillwater Minerals to all of our customers."

Marilyn Sweney, Tennessee

"I have been wanting to let you know what a positive impact the Stillwater Minerals have been making on my herd. They love them and are looking and acting better each passing month. We feed the minerals free choice. It took about a three day introduction and all the herd was hooked. We have the containers in the feeding area and are constantly pleased with all the lip smacking going on. We notice that crias as young as three weeks to a month are right in there tasting, too. Because we are in a selenium deficient area, the use of Stillwater Minerals has reduced the premature births here by 75%. Original blood tests showed that some of the animals were low in selenium and after using Stillwater Minerals for three months, retest showed the level on the uprise. We also noticed a lower parasite count, healthier wool and a happier herd. We here at Anderson Farm are very pleased with your wonderful creation! On a scale of 1-10 I give Stillwater Minerals a 10+"

Martha Anderson, Washington

"Since using Stillwater Minerals I have noticed that the herd experiences less stress during the summer months. I would highly recommend Stillwater Minerlas to other llama owners."

Paul Gross, Kentucky

"I feel that Stillwater Minerals is the best llama supplement available."

Myra Freeman, Georgia

"We have recommended and shared your minerals with others. These people were amazed at how the llamas go after them. They have also commented to us that they noticed an improvement in the llamas' ability to withstand hot and humid summers with little or no stress. Your product has made us realize that these additional vitamins and minerals are important to our llamas' overall health."

Charles Turner, Kentucky

"The Rileys are great people and I support their products."

Elizabeth Simpson, Colorado

"Stillwater Minerals have been proven successful for my llamas and alpacas. They have inproved overall herd health."

Steven Knoblock, Kansas

"I recommend Stillwater Minerals to each new buyer."

Mary Ann Beaufort, South Carolina

"I tell other alpaca owners that they must use Stillwater Minerals."

Jeanie Flavin, Colorado

"Stillwater Minerals are essential for Llama health since there is no llama feed available with all minerals and vitamins provided in proper amounts."

Karen Pihera, Georgia

"We highly recommend Stillwater Minerals. When we sell a llama, we always include a supply of Llama Mineral 101 along with your name and address. We have always used Stillwater Minerals and have experienced minimal health problems to date. When we lost power for three days our local llama neighbors brought over water in Stillwater buckets. Thanks!"

Shirley Estrada, Virginia

"Our alpacas seem to like the mineral mix and we feel comfortable that they are getting what they need from it. It doesn't clump on those occasions when the humidity is high. I love all the buckets I've collected form you, too! I have 100 uses for them!"

Allan and Leah Dewald, South Dakota

"Stillwater Minerals were recommended by our vet. They are easy to use and inexpensive.The llamas love it!"

Betsy Webster, North Carolina

"I've been using Stillwater Minerals for 7 years. They are an absolute must as far as I'm concerned!"

Meg Haenn, Texas